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The Blue Ridge Favorite and The Blue Ridge Supreme are 2 meat and cheese holiday gift baskets from Ashe County Cheese company that feature our cheeses, local meats and jams. All of the contents of your box are created with fresh, quality ingredients including our cheeses made fresh from the factory, meats that were raised locally, and jams that our region is known for. There is no better gift than a farm fresh gift from Ashe County Cheese company of handmade cheeses direct from our factory!

If you are not familiar with our cheese factory and the art of cheesemaking, we’d love to enlighten you and tell you about our cheeses. We are especially known for our cheese curds, which some call squeaky cheese and our cheddar varieties. We have operated in Ashe County since 1930 and our factory still offers tours today! We sell all types of cheese locally and we ship across the U.S. all types of cheese including these varieties:

mild cheddar, medium cheddar, sharp cheddar, extra sharp cheddar, Pepper Jack, Habanero Cheddar, Mountain Marble Cheese, Monterey Jack, Carolina bleu marble, Jack & Dill cheese, specialty cheddar cheese including: Caraway cheddar, Tomato & Basil cheddar, Garlic Parsley & Chive cheddar, Garlic Cheddar, Cajun cheddar, Garden Vegetable, and Buffalo Jack Cheese. Lots of folks love our specialty cheeses such as our Hoop Cheese for sale and Juusto cheese.

You can buy cheese online directly from our factory in the online cheese store.

You can select what blocks of cheese you want included in the cheese holiday gift baskets /boxes that you choose, and select from an assortment of meats including summer sausage, jalapeno & cheddar sausage or sugar cured country ham. Select the jam from a list of available jams including: blackberry, strawberry rhubarb, strawberry, cherry, seedless blackberry, black raspberry, and no sugar added strawberry. The Blue Ridge Supreme box even includes some delicious crackers to eat with your jam, meat and cheese. You can select from multi-grain or original. Our cheese gift baskets are customizable ensuring that the recipient gets all of their faves!