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hoop cheese for saleLooking for that delicious and hard to find, firm cheese that you used to enjoy as a kid? Hoop Cheese, queso blanco, is a firm, dry cheese that is white in color. It is made directly from milk, with no ream or salt. It is a traditional Farmers Cheese, and it used to be quite popular a generation ago. It’s harder to find today because the process of making the cheese is quite hard to perfect via standardization and it can spoil rather quickly. Sad news for folks that love Hoop Cheese – some cheese makers have even said that it was not worth making anymore. Ashe County Cheese, inc. sees the value in providing a long forgotten, delicious table cheese even if it is just to allow folks to feel a bit of nostalgia about the days that have passed. Click to buy Hoop Cheese for Sale.

Ashe County Cheese Factory sells Hoop Cheese for Sale in our Online Cheese Store. Usually, folks have to travel to forgotten places of the South to find and enjoy hoop cheese, but not anymore. You can Order Online Cheese direct from the mountains of North Carolina.

What is Red Rind Hoop Cheese? This type of cheese is the same as farmer’s Hoop Cheese described above. Some folks call it red ring cheese because of the red tinted mold that was used in the creation of the cheese. You can also find some black rind varieties. Hoop Cheese is made by draining the whey from cottage cheese and placing the cheese curds into a round mold – giving the cheese it’s hoop shape. It is then pressed out and together. Some Hoop Cheese for Sale is aged a bit to make it a bit more firm, but most of it is rather soft.

So, what does Hoop Cheese taste like? This cheese has a neutral taste that does not stand out too much. It’s creamy and it pairs well with other flavorful cheese like sharp cheddar which gives it a nice bite. Most folks like to pair it with fruits, and include it into vegetable dishes. Others like it on an old fashioned tomato and cheese sandwich. If you are trying to impress with Hoop Cheese substitute Hoop Cheese with mozzarella in a caprese salad for a quick and easy recipe.

Ashe County Cheese Factory makes and sells Hoop Cheese for Sale in our Online Cheese store. We feature this and other Specialty Cheese like Farmers Cheese, Cheese Curds for Sale, and hard to find Cheddar varieties like Bacon Cheddar Cheese Block, Cajun Cheddar Cheese, and deliciously fragrant, Caraway Cheddar Cheese. You can buy cheese online, browse our events schedule to see when cheese is being made, and plan your trip to our niche factory. We have been in operation since 1930.