What Holidays are Perfect for Sending our Holiday Cheese Baskets?

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305.jpgExpressing gratitude and love through gift giving makes your loved ones, friends and colleagues feel special at various moments in their lives. There is no better gift than a savory, gourmet or handmade cheese basket. Ashe County Cheese features an array of great gift basket items that you can customize and order online in our online cheese store. What types of holidays can you send our holiday cheese baskets? Well, here are a few holiday and event ideas:

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas/New Year’s Eve

We are known for our diverse cheddar varieties including Cajun cheddar cheese, Garlic cheddar, and our Caraway cheddar as well as various other types of cheeses including our cheese curds online. We do not limit our cheese architects. Our historic cheese factory has been offering savory, handmade cheeses since 1930! We are always looking for new cheeses to create and things to try.

There are other occasions that may call for a nice holiday cheese basket, such as a thank you gift, housewarming party present, hostess and party attendee gifts, corporate “thank you’s” and “just because” gifts that make someone feel extra special on an otherwise average day. Everyone loves Ashe County Cheese! Our history factory has been creating delicious cheddar and other varieties of cheese including cheese curds, hoop cheese and specialized varieties like Habanero Cheddar for decades.

We began offering holiday cheese gifts online to our clients and best customers that wanted to send some of our savory cheeses to those that had fallen in love with our cheeses after visiting our factory located in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains in a quaint, historic downtown area of West Jefferson, North Carolina. We quickly realized that people everywhere just can’t get enough of our cheeses. We ship them all over the United States!